Project Inspiration

Project Motivation

Does the world need yet another role-playing game (RPG)? Yes. Yes it does.

Clear Market for RPGs

Since the beginnings of the RPG genre back in the late 1970s, a plethora of computer-based (and, later, online browser-based) games have sprung into existence. Many of these games were near-masterpieces (such as Ultima IV, Final Fantasy 9 and 10, Neverwinter Nights I and II, and Dragon Age: Origins), while massively-multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) such as World of Warcraft continue to attract millions of gamers each and every month. There is clearly a huge market for RPGs, and the market shows little sign of slowing down.

Lack of Browser-based Toolsets

A substantial number of those who play RPGs also enjoy developing them and various toolsets or construction sets have come and gone over the years. These toolsets were often quite complicated, however, and required the computer game itself to have been purchased and installed (such as the Neverwinter Nights series, Dragon Age, Skyrim, etc.) in order to distribute self-developed adventures. To date, there is no common single-player, persistent world, browser-based RPG toolset available that allows anyone to log into a web application, develop a series of quests and allow players with just a web browser to undertake those quests; hundreds of attempts to provide such an open and generic toolset have come and gone over the past ten years, but nothing substantial yet exists.

The BrowserQuests™ Concept

Such is the basic goal of the BrowserQuests™ project: Take the Basic Fantasy RPG open source ruleset, combine it with a smart and sophisticated online application and allow a potentially infinite number of individual players to interact with a potentially infinite number of authored quests/storylines. Ultimately, the hope is that a custom system can be developed that players will enjoy interacting with, authors will enjoy creating in, programmers will enjoy developing and marketers will enjoy advertising with.