Combat Commands

Activated when the party enters combat with a character and/or set of monsters within the encounter area.

Primary Options

The following contextual options are potentially available:

  • Defeat Encountered (button) – Automatically defeats all encountered combatants (displayed after the party is first defeated)
  • Renew Party (button) – Heals all party heroes and removes any effects (only available to playtesting administrators)
  • Retreat (button) – Instructs the party to flee from combat and retreat to the last encounter area visited
  • Stand Down (button) – Instructs the party to cease combat and expect for encountered beings to do the same
  • View Combatants (button) - Displays name, description, statistics (including hit points) and image of all combatants facing the party

Hero Options

During combat, hero options are automatically provided for a specific hero depending on his initiative during the combat round (as the RPG utilizes a turn-based combat system). Hence, the specific hero is already known when the commands are provided.

The following hero options are potentially available (depending on a variety of circumstances):

  • Bind Wounds (dropdown) - Instructs the hero to immediately bind the wounds of any dying hero (returning that hero to 0 hit points)
  • Cast Spell (button)Invokes a modal window that allows the selected hero to pick a spell (and targets if necessary)
  • Close Attack (dropdown) – Allows the hero to attack and potentially damage a selected foe (via close combat)
  • Defend (button) – Instructs the selected hero to utilize all his skill in defending himself during the combat round (+1 to armor class)
  • Engage Enemy (dropdown) – Enables the hero to engage with a distant enemy and draw it into melee range (close combat)
  • Hide in Shadows (button) - Allows the selected thief to try and merge into the shadows (receiving combat bonuses the next round)
  • Locate Items (dropdown) - Provided only when the spell LOCATE ITEM is used (so the player can select which item to locate)
  • Ranged Attack (dropdown) – Allows the selected hero to attack and damage a selected foe (via ranged combat)
  • Turn Undead (button) - Allows the selected cleric to try and turn all undead within the current encounter area (one chance per combat)
  • Use Darkvision (button) - Instructs all non-humans within the party to invoke their natural ability to see in the dark for one hour
  • Use Item (button)Invokes a modal window that instructs the selected hero to use a specified possession