Points of View

Points of View Within Mairiga

The year is 993 at the start of the game, just six years from the end of the first millennium after the coming of Sisla (and, to many within the Sislan Way, another coming of Sisla to smite the Inner Circle for their mismanagement of Mairiga and to lead humanity into a new utopia). The Truistics of the Inner Circle still cling to power, but have lost nearly half of the original 60 states to outside influences. Meanwhile, the Sislan Way continues to gain in power and prestige, attacking the Circle politically at every opportunity. The struggles between the Truistics and the Sislans have not only allowed the non-human populations to rebel and become independent but have allowed all kinds of monstrous populations to terrorize the continent again as well. Hence, the situation is growing bleaker as both sides argue and blame the other.

Inner Circle Position

The Truistics of the Inner Circle still see themselves as the ultimate governing authority and recognize the Sislan Way for what it is, an actual scourge of the people. While the Truistics still see reason, insight and compassion as ideals to live by—and continue to preach that Sisla was no goddess—most have closed their minds to the possibilities and are now almost as short-sighted as those considered the enemy. Unfortunately, most within Mairiga see the Truistics as the root of their troubles, and because only the most empathic and altruistic can endure the deadly ritual of rebirth, fewer and fewer are willing to try.

Sislan Way Position

For over five centuries the Sislan Way has grown in power, and with the advent of The Fear antidote the Sislan Way appears one step away from seizing total control of Mairiga from the Truistics and plunging the world into a religious dark age. Of course, the leadership within the Sislan Way is utterly convinced of its authority and righteousness, and genuinely believe that their way is the only way.

Over the past century, the Sislan Way has also spread the belief that Sisla herself will return on her 999th birthday to destroy the Truistics and lead the faithful into a new golden utopian age. Further, the Church teaches that The Fear are all the cries of those unjustly slain in the name of the Inner Circle, and that when Sisla returns those who can still hear the voices in their heads will be considered sympathetic to the Circle and enslaved in eternal madness. Hence, humanity in general is preparing for Sisla’s return and doing everything possible to ensure that there is plenty of antidote available when she arrives.

Humanoid Position

Regardless of the Truistic or Sislan point of view, the other intelligent humanoids of Mairiga—elves, dwarves, halflings and the like—have certainly been treated poorly over the centuries and are almost happy to see the suffering of humanity by The Fear. Hence, all non-human races have withdrawn from civilization in general and take little interest in human politics and theology.