Possessions: Gems

A precious stone or similar hard object pulled from the ground, typically shaped and polished to perfection:

Possession Weight Worth Brief Description
Alexandrite 0.1 lbs 1000 gp A rare gem that is green in daylight but red or violet in artificial light.
Amethyst 0.1 lbs 250 gp A fairly rare purple or violet quartz that are popular in jewelry as well.
Aventurine 0.1 lbs 75 gp Also known as "goldstone" this opaque, brownish glassy gemstone appears to contain specks of gold.
Bloodstone 0.1 lbs 75 gp Translucent, greenish quartz that appears to have small bloodlike spots of red jasper scattered through it.
Diamond 0.1 lbs 2500 gp Transparent, impervious, flawless and beautiful, diamonds are typically cut and polished and amongst the most valuable of the gemstones.
Emerald 0.1 lbs 1250 gp These magnificent jewels have a clear, deep-green color and are often valuable.
Fire Opal 0.1 lbs 50 gp Opals that contain a reddish tint and sparkle in bright light.
Fluorspar 0.1 lbs 25 gp A common cube-like mineral that ranges in color from green, blue, purple and yellow to colorless.
Garnet 0.1 lbs 400 gp Hard and transparent, garnets are deep-red in color and rather valuable.
Golden Egg 0.25 lbs 100 gp While not solid gold, this egg definitely has a shell made of gold and hence should still fetch up to 100 gold pieces.
Greenstone 0.1 lbs 10 gp More a rock than a gem, greenstones are dark green in color and not all that valuable.
Malachite 0.1 lbs 20 gp Green in color and often used as an ore to make copper, malachites are often found in jewelry as well.
Phenalope 0.1 lbs 100 gp Dusty pink in color with a rough texture and often marked with black streaks.
Quartz 0.1 lbs 10 gp One of the most abundant minerals known, quartz can come in all different colors and normally fetch about ten gold pieces each.
Ruby 0.1 lbs 1250 gp One of the rarest of gemstones, these transparent deep red jewels are quite valuable.
Sapphire 0.1 lbs 1250 gp Similar to rubies but deep blue in color, sapphires are also quite valuable.
Topaz 0.1 lbs 150 gp A mineral that is often found as crystals of various colors and polished to perfection.