Free to Roam

Free to Roam Commands

When the player’s party has not encountered any creatures, are not engaged in combat or a not engaged with a city shop owner, the game mode is set to “Free to Roam” and the player is basically free to perform a wide variety of general actions (including travel between areas).

Primary Options

The following primary options are available:

  • Borrow Money (dropdown) – Allows the player hero to borrow up to 10 platinum pieces per level from any city bank
  • Camp (button) – Instructs the party to secure the area and bed down for the night (only available outside of cities)
  • Converse (button) – Attempts to initiate a conversation with any creatures or NPCs associated with the current area
  • Deposit Money (dropdown) – Allows a player hero to deposit a selected amount of his carried wealth into a bank
  • Gamble (button) – Invokes a modal window that allows the party heroes to place a bet of gold at an area casino
  • Heal Wounds (dropdown) – Allows a selected hero to have all wounds healed (at a cost of one gold piece per lost hit point)
  • Listen for Rumors (button) – Potentially provides a random lore item within a city tavern (only available within cities)
  • Offer Item (dropdown) – Allows the party to offer a particular possession (and associated quantity) to advance a particular quest
  • Pay Money (button) – Attempts to resolve an encounter by offering a bribe or otherwise paying for a service (according to set fee)
  • Recruit <Class> (button) – Allows a party to recruit a new hero (depending upon the class associated with the area)
  • Restore Hero (dropdown) – Removes all afflictions and restores a selected hero to normalcy (fee of 25 gold pieces per affliction)
  • Research Lore (dropdown) – Allows the party to research one lore subject associated with the current country (only available within cities)
  • Resurrect Hero (dropdown) – Restores life to a deceased hero (at a cost of 1000 gold pieces per level)
  • Search Area (button) Instructs the entire adventuring party to search the current area, often revealing hidden objects or elements
  • Sleep (button) – Allows the party to sleep for eight hours within a rented hotel room (only available within cities when staying at an inn)
  • Travel to New Area (dropdown)Allows the party to travel to a connected area from the current area within the location
  • Withdraw Money (dropdown) – Allows a player hero to withdraw any funds previously deposited within a bank

Secondary Options

The following secondary options are available:

  • Concentrate (button) – Determines if any illusions are present within the current area (only available when illusions must be disbelieved)
  • Destroy Object (dropdown) – Instructs the entire adventuring party to destroy a particular encounter area object
  • GM Hint (button) - Allows the player to ask the virtual gamemaster (GM) for advice about what to do next
  • Inquire Lore (dropdown) - Allows the player to ask all his heroes about a particular lore element
  • Manage Party (button) - Allows the player to create a new player hero at the beginning of the game or remove previously-hired heroes
  • Manipulate Object (dropdown) Instructs the heroes to push, pull or otherwise manipulate a particular object within the area
  • Renew Party (button) – Heals all party heroes and removes any effects (only available to administrators who are playtesting their quests)
  • Search Object (dropdown) – Instructs the party to carefully examine a specific object within the area
  • Unlock Object (dropdown)Instructs all thieves (or those with keys) to try and unlock the selected object
  • Wait (dropdown) – Instructs the party to wait for a particular amount of time (one minute up to four hours)

Hero Options

The following hero options are available:

  • Cast Spell (button)Invokes a modal window that allows the selected hero to pick a spell (and targets if necessary)
  • Delete Hero (button) – Permanently removes a hero from an adventuring party (only available to administrator playtesters)
  • Special Ability (button)Invokes a modal window that instructs the selected hero to use a particular special ability
  • Take Items (button) Invokes a modal window that allows specific heroes to take specific items within the current encounter area
  • Use Item (button)Invokes a modal window that instructs the selected hero to use a specified possession