Possessions: Rings

Small band of metal (often with magical properties) that fits snugly around a finger:

Possession Weight Worth Brief Description
Ring of Charm Protection 0.5 lbs 250 gp Made of silver and in perfect condition, this magical ring protects the wearer from being charmed.
Ring of Control Animal 0.5 lbs 2000 gp Allows the wearer to charm a single targeted animal of unlimited hit dice (although the animal does receive a saving throw vs. Spells). While charmed, the animal will cease any hostility toward the wearer and her adventuring party (but will immediately resume normal activity once the magic expires).
Ring of Control Human 0.5 lbs 2000 gp Makes a humanoid creature of 4 hit dice or less regard the caster as its trusted friend and ally. Humans and demi-humans may be affected, regardless of level of ability. A save vs. Spells will negate the effect.
Ring of Fire Resistance 0.5 lbs 2000 gp Grants its wearer temporary immunity to fire and heat. Minor heat or fire (such as exposure to normal flames) is ignored altogether by the affected creature, while more significant heat (such as a magical fireball or dragon's fiery breath weapon) grants a +3 to saving throws and reduces all damage by half as well.
Ring of Invisibility 0.5 lbs 2000 gp Typically used in combat, the ring renders the recipient completely invisible and therefore much harder to hit in combat (attacking enemies suffer a -4 on their 'to hit' roll). Invisible characters can still attack as normal.
Ring of Protection +1 0.1 lbs 500 gp Offers continual magical protection in the form of a +1 bonus to Armor Class and saving throws.
Ring of Protection +2 0.1 lbs 2500 gp Offers continual magical protection in the form of a +2 bonus to Armor Class and saving throws.
Sacred Sislan Ring 0.1 lbs 25 gp A simple copper ring blessed by the Healerpriests of the Sislan Way and assigned to those who dedicate their lives to the church. While not worth more than perhaps 100 copper pieces, any self-respecting Sislan cleric wouldn't be caught dead without their sacred ring.