Call for Marketers

Call for Marketers!

In addition to our page sponsor ads (that appear at the bottom of nearly every page within our website), our BrowserQuests™ player system encounter sponsor ads provides a random micro ad on each "page" the player is interacting with too. Basically, each time the player reacts to the virtual gamemaster (GM), a new micro ad is displayed at the bottom of the screen!

BrowserQuests™ Player System screenshot highlighting its marketing-based banner ad mechanism

Each encounter sponsor ad provides the following elements:

  • Organization Name (name of the product or service you're advertising)
  • Organization URL (website address that, when your name is clicked, is opened in a separate browser tab)
  • Organization Logo (small graphic logo associated with your product or service, 48 x 48 pixels in size)
  • Ad Description (brief text-based description of your product or service, up to 128 characters)

Opportunity Details

How It Works

BrowserQuests™ itself is an online RPG developed and delivered in the spirit of traditional tabletop, pencil-and-paper, gamemaster (GM) led quests and encounters (but the tabletop, pencils and paper are all replaced with an online interface and the GM is virtual, controlled entirely through programming code). Players register with the site, create a hero for themselves, eventually recruit up to eight other non-player heroes to form an adventuring party and explore the fantasy world of Sisalus in pursuit of fame and glory!

Players interact with the virtual GM as if they're having a one-on-one conversation: The GM explains what is happening at the moment and the player responds via the game's visual interface (a collection of buttons and dropdown menus that allows the player to act in a very specific way). With each interaction between the GM and player, a random encounter sponsor ad is displayed, and because these interactions are typically 30 seconds to perhaps a minute or two apart, the ads are delivered quite frequently. Hence, during a typical 30 minute online session, the player will likely see several dozen of these ads!

With each ad rotation, the marketer's name is prominently displayed as a hyperlink; when clicked by the player, the marketer's website is then launched within a separate browser so the player can explore the associated product or service. Hence, players can easily learn more about the marketer through the game's encounter sponsor ad mechanism.

Page Sponsor Ads

In addition to the smaller, more intimidate encounter sponsor ads, marketers also receive full, more traditional page-based banner ads. Measuring 835 x 100 pixels in size, these ads appear at the bottom of nearly every page throughout the BrowserQuests™ website (rather than just on the player page where the encounter sponsor ads are displayed) and are intended to promote the marketer's product or services throughout the website.


Full, page-based banner ads and player encounter-based sponsor ads can be purchased using the following "packages":

  • Starter Package: 200 page banner ads and 1000 player encounter sponsor ads - $25
  • Bronze Package: 1000 page banner ads and 5000 player encounter sponsor ads - $95
  • Silver Package: 5000 page banner ads and 25,000 player encounter sponsor ads - $395
  • Gold Package: 25,000 page banner ads and 125,000 player encounter sponsor ads - $1595


To market with us, simply contact us via our Contact page, email address or even Discord server. You'll then need to provide the associated organization name, URL, graphic logo/artwork and brief description of your product or service so we can develop both the full page-based and player encounter-based sponsor ads (or, of course, you can provide the artwork yourself).