Possessions: Wands

Highly magical wooden rods that, when deployed, confer some sort of effect:

Possession Weight Worth Brief Description
Staff of Healing 2 lbs 250 gp Cures a wounded hero of 1d6+1 hit points per charge
Wand of Fear 1 lbs 250 gp Causes one target creature within 120' to become frightened and immediately flee the battlefield.
Wand of Magic Detection 1 lbs 500 gp Detects magical creatures and objects within the encounter area.
Wand of Phantasmal Force 1 lbs 2000 gp Creates the visual illusion of a monstrous creature that, if believed by a targeted enemy, does 1d6 damage from outright fear and terror. Those initially attacked receive a saving throw vs. Spells; if successful, the illusion is seen for what it is and immediately dispelled. Otherwise, the illusion automatically hits and damages its target for the duration of the magic.
Wand of Trap Detection 1 lbs 2000 gp Permits the user to detect any traps located within the current encounter area. The user cannot detect certain natural hazards such as quicksand, sinkholes or unsafe walls of natural rock, nor does the magic bestow knowledge of how to disarm any found traps.