Player Characters

Player Characters Introduction

Simply put, players role-play player characters ("PCs") and form the heart of the role-playing game experience. Within the BrowserQuests™ RPG system, characters are pre-determined (non-random) protagonists and antagonists that ultimately sculpt the gaming world and everything that's going on.

Getting Started

When a player begins, he or she creates a primary character to role-play. This character is developed from scratch according to the desire of the player, allowing for a chosen race, class, abilities, behaviors, graphic depiction, gender and name. The initial character forms the basis of a new adventuring party, a soon-to-be collection of heroes that will work cooperatively under the direct control of the player. Note that the player's PC is special; other heroes may come and go into the adventuring party, but the PC is permanent.

Character Overview

All characters share certain attributes, elements that are measured, recorded and utilized within the gaming engine. Such character attributes include:

  • Abilities and Behaviors - Physical, mental and social parameters that define a character's body, mind and spirit
  • Hit Points - Capacity to absorb physical damage (the more hit points a character possesses the stronger he is)
  • Race - General ancestry of the character (race determine a variety of specific skills and special abilities)
  • Class - Chosen profession of the character (which further determines specific traits, skills and abilities)

A variety of other character-based statistics also exist within the game, all documented within this section of the ruleset.