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BrowserQuests™ isn't just for players! If you enjoy building your own fantasy-based modules (leveraging the Basic Fantasy role-playing game system) and want to share them with players from all over the world, consider developing those quests on our web-based platform.

After designing your module on paper, you'll configure a series of online forms (such as the Encounter Form pictured here) to integrate the many characters, locations and encounters of your story into our system. We'll provide the artwork, background music, gaming platform and such, while you provide the story and its associated details.

Browse through our FAQs panel below to learn more!

Authoring Frequently Asked Questions

Curious About How to Build Quests Yourself?

Let's start by being honest--it's not easy. Like making a movie, you'll need to first script your module and commit your ideas to paper. Then, you'll need to decide on all of your actors (characters), your scene locations and what happens when a player's adventuring party interacts within your scene. Then, of course, there are monsters and objects to select, possessions for the party to find, game master interactions to simulate, etc. At first, it can all seem quite daunting.

But we're here to help! We'll provide a script template you can follow to help build your quest. We're already creating the image and music elements you'll need, and we have a whole slew of online forms you can use to enter all your content. We've also started a Discord server dedicated to BrowserQuests™ so you can regularly check-in with the platform developer and other authors who are busy building their own quests. So, browse through our FAQs below and give the idea of building a quest (or even entire campaign) some serious thought!


In a nutshell, quests are individual stories within the BrowserQuests™ platform and can range in size from the tiniest of events (retrieving a lost cat stuck in a tree) to something quite massive (discovering who is behind the undead attacks against a particular city and defeating the villain, for example). Players formally accept quests within the game, work directly toward the accomplishing of those quests, and are appropriately rewarded for completing those quests.
Authors create quests as part of an overarching story called a "campaign" (typically their own campaign but, with permission, another's campaign as well). When a player creates a new character, a particular campaign must be selected, at which point the player's party is locked into that campaign (players cannot move their adventuring parties across multiple campaigns). Campaigns are intended to involve many individual quests and therefore tell a more complete and integrated story.
No. All quests and campaigns involve the single fantasy world of Sisalus. Further, game play will initially take place on a single large continent called Mairiga, the landmass divided into 60 or so geopolitical countries. An atlas of Mairiga will soon be added to the Ruleset section of the BrowserQuests™ site, which will provide further information and context regarding the Sisalus fantasy world. All that said, authors wishing to submit their quests and campaigns will be given free reign to (more or less) do as they wish--if the storyline makes sense and seems appropriate to the Sisalus storyworld, it will be allowed.
While any electronic medium can be used to script a quest, a detailed Microsoft Word template (taken directly from the initial "Antidote of Fear" quest originally developed for BrowserQuests™) will be made available to anyone looking to become an author. The template will show exactly how quests can be scripted-out so their text can eventually be copy-and-pasted into the BrowserQuests™ platform.
Once approved to use the system, you'll log in and access a collection of several dozen online forms used to configure the platform for your quest. In general, these forms can be categorized into characters (where you'll create non-playing characters, some of whom may become party heroes as well), campaigns (determining locations, quests and associated lore), areas (specific places within your locations such as a tavern or underground tomb) and encounters (specific events that occur within your areas). You'll also be able to track and manage any player's adventuring party (and her associated heroes and encountered combatants) who have chosen to play through your quest or campaign.
At first, but it's actually pretty easy, once you get the hang of it. Again, all you have to do is complete a series of online forms--the platform will do the rest. Eventually, we plan to provide a series of online training videos to show how it's all done, and, of course, we're always available through our dedicated Discord server. Like anything challenging, the first few steps can be daunting but it gets a lot easier with time and practice.
Soon! The collection of data-entry forms already exists, but they need to be modified so that authors can only edit their own quests (otherwise, authors would see each other's content and could accidentally edit or even delete it). Once that's done, we'll start allowing authors into the platform so they can, in turn, begin entering their quest-based information. For now, submit your quest or campaign ideas to us so we can get that process started!
For now, there is no financial incentive involved in making quests and campaigns; we'll provide the tools, training and advice to enter your quests but you'll do so without any direct compensation. That said, the more content we can get into BrowserQuests™ the more players we can attract, and with more players come better marketing opportunities for the platform. So, we'll all be in this together and, hopefully, one day, perhaps earn something from all our work as well.