Shopping Commands

Activated when the party interacts with a shop owner and wishes to buy or sell items or services from their individual inventories. Naturally, only those goods or services associated with the particular shop are displayed.

Primary Options

The following contextual options are available:

  • Buy Items (button) – Invokes a modal window that allows all party members to buy particular possession types within the area
  • Converse (button) – Attempts to initiate a conversation with any creatures or NPCs associated with the current area
  • Destroy Object (dropdown) – Instructs the entire adventuring party to destroy a particular encounter area object
  • Manipulate Object (dropdown) – Instructs the heroes to push, pull or otherwise manipulate a particular object within the area
  • Renew Party (button) – Heals all party heroes and removes any effects (only available to administrators who are playtesting their quests)
  • Sell Items (button) – Invokes a modal window that allows all party members to sell particular possession types within the area
  • Search Object (dropdown) – Instructs the party to carefully examine a specific object within the area
  • Travel to New Area (dropdown)Allows the party to travel to a connected area from the current area within the location

Hero Options

The following hero options are available:

  • Cast Spell (button) – Invokes a modal window that allows the selected hero to pick a spell (and targets if necessary)
  • Inquire Hero Lore (dropdown) - Allows the player to ask all his heroes about a particular lore element
  • Locate Items (dropdown) - Provided only when the spell LOCATE ITEM is used (so the player can select which item to locate)
  • Take Items (button) – Invokes a modal window that allows specific heroes to take specific items within the current encounter area
  • Use Darkvision (button) - Instructs all non-humans within the party to invoke their natural ability to see in the dark for one hour
  • Use Item (button) – Invokes a modal window that instructs the selected hero to use a specified possession