Magical Items

Possessions: Magical Items

Special items in the game that have significant magical properties (and are therefore very expensive or otherwise hard to acquire):

Possession Weight Worth Brief Description
Amulet of Slow Poison (10' radius) 2 lbs 2000 gp This small emerald glows with an internal yellow light and hence magical, nearly nullifying any poison that its wearer (and surrounding heroes) comes into contact with. A silver chain has been fastened to it, the amulet normally worn around the neck.
Bag of Holding 2 lbs 2500 gp Appearing as a common cloth sack about two feet by four feet in size, the bag is strongly magical and contains an extradimensional space, allowing its owner to carry an extra 500 pounds of equipment.
Boots of Levitation 4 lbs 7500 gp Causes the wearer to quickly levitate 20 feet into the air, high enough to be out of physical reach from most monsters. The magic only works on the wearer of the boots, and, once airborne, only missile-based weapons can be used (at -4 to attack).
Boots of Speed 5 lbs 3000 gp Accelerates the actions of the wearer each round, allowing her to attack twice instead of once each round. Hasted creatures always attack first during a new combat round and then mid-way during the round.
Bowl of Elemental Control 3 lbs 6000 gp This large container is fashioned from semiprecious stone, typically depicting the four primary elements of earth, air, fire and water. When used during combat, all elemental types are immediately brought under control, effectively defeating them.
Broom of Flying 5 lbs 3000 gp Allows the user to not just rise into the air but easily travel in three dimensions, moving about as easily as walking (and high enough to be out of physical range from most enemies). Once airborne, attacks made against the user of the broom incur a -4 penalty.
Cloak of Displacement 15 lbs 6000 gp While appearing normal, when worn by a character its magical properties distort and warp light waves, causing the wearer's apparent location to shift about constantly. This effect confers magical protection in the form of a +3 bonus to Armor Class and saving throws.
Crystal Ball 2 lbs 5000 gp Creates an invisible magical "eye" that can travel ahead and peer into nearby areas not yet visited by the adventuring party, allowing the user to determine what creatures, objects and exits exist within the area (similar to Clairvoyance but active for an entire hour).
Scarab of Protection 2 lbs 2500 gp This device appears to be a silver medallion in the shape of a beetle. The scarab absorbs energy-draining attacks, such as level drains associated with undead monsters (wights, wraiths, spectres, etc.).
Skeletal Seed 0.1 lbs 100 gp Dark purple in color and appearing as a fruit pit or very large seed, the item gives off a faint magical aura. You suspect that if planted in the ground during combat, some sort of undead creature would immediately sprout from the seed to fight by your side!