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Page #1 - The Newest Graduate

image depiction - LaamtoraThe old human village of Tabin never looked so dull—or so exciting—as it did as I headed south to the village merchant, 100 gold coins secured in my purse and on my way to equip myself as the newest graduate from the local Adventurer’s Guild.

image depiction - LaamtoraApproaching the modest construction, my thoughts centered around the brief 17 years I had spent within the village and how much I actually hated it here.

View of the small village of Tabin, a quaint town within the country of Pirapa (and starting place for the game player)

image depiction - LaamtoraMe? My name is Laamtora, a wood elf orphaned as a baby by parents I never knew and raised here within the human village of Tabin, located in the southwestern corner of the country of Pirapa, itself one of 60 or so countries that comprise the continent of Mairiga of this struggling world known as Sisalus. And this is the story of how it all started, from modest beginnings, before anyone had ever heard of me.

image depiction - Elder AalartAs an orphan humanoid and outsider, the people here in Tabin never cared for me much and so my upbringing was challenging and even painful at times. My experience so far here in Tabin is that the people of Mairiga are closed-minded, convinced that the Sislan Utopia – the last ten centuries of supposed bliss – is coming to an end, and that only hard times now lie ahead.

image depiction - LaamtoraThat upbringing wasn’t all bad. While my childhood was difficult, I learned some valuable lessons as well, practicing diplomacy to get what I wanted and remaining tolerant to other points of view.

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