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Looking to get started with some potential quest, module or even full campaign development? Download any of our authoring documents below and dive in!

Become a BrowserQuests™ Author!

Build Quests From Your Browser!

BrowserQuests™ isn't just for players! If you enjoy building your own fantasy-based stories (leveraging the Basic Fantasy role-playing game system) and want to share them with players from all over the world, consider developing those on our web-based platform.

After designing your quests on paper, you'll configure a series of online forms (such as the Encounter Form pictured here) to integrate the many characters, locations and encounters of your story into our system. We'll provide the artwork, background music, gaming platform and such, while you provide the story and its associated details.

Authoring Opportunities

Three tiers of authoring is available when developing for our BrowserQuests™ platform. Review the following three options and see what works best for you!

Quest Author

At the simplest level, you can write individual quests, shorter stories that involve some sort of introduction, challenge and resolution. Such stories are intended to be "side-quests" that take 30-60 minutes to complete and are integrated into a chosen campaign, either one you're developing yourself or another author's campaign. Getting started, all quests will be developed and integrated into the site's initial campaign "The Sorrow of Sisla" by Scott Huelsman.

Module Author

A more modest involvement requires the writing and development of a full module that consists of one, two or three separate quests and presented in sequential order as part of a larger campaign-based story arc. Indeed, modules are intended to act like individual episodes--similar to a typical television series--that are released in sequential order on a timely basis to bring players back to continue the campaign. Unlike quest authors who may only develop their quests on paper for submission, module authors are expected to utilize the full BrowserQuests™ online toolset to enter, test, release and maintain their module over time.

Campaign Author

For those looking to commit to several years of ongoing development and hence tell a grand and significant story, campaign authors will be allowed to develop many quests and release them as a sequence of modules over time. Campaign authors will essentially tell a completely different story as compared to the original "The Sorrow of Sisla" campaign utilizing their own ideas, characters and storylines. Campaign authoring is not for the feint of heart, but will allow highly-motivated authors to tell their own epic tales over several years.

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