Fan-based Help & Feedback

A Big "Thank You" For All The Help & Feedback!

Since the release of BrowserQuests™ in 2016, not only have a large number of players tried the game but dozens upon dozens have gone beyond that and provided their heartfelt feedback, help and advice as well, all of which has gone into making the platform a better and more entertaining experience for all. From completing an online questionnaire to making suggestions through email and our Discord channel to testing new releases of the game, players, fans and those intrigued by the platform in general have all contributed significantly to the game and hence warrant their own dedicated credits page!

Accordingly, I'd like to thank the following players, users and interested others who took the time to contact me regarding the game and report issues or make suggestions in how to improve the game:

  • Chris (rhetoric von khone) - Reported inventory issues and helped test new item equip panel
  • Dymondy2k - Provided a great deal of review and advice throughout the Summer of 2020
  • Earl - Reported a bug with the options system and helped me resolve what was a serious bug
  • Edomin - Discovered a bug in the Tabin Church and eventually provided a great deal of advice
  • ImmortalDoubleRose - Discovered a major bug with potential double-clicks of game buttons
  • Keidence - Reported a variety of system bugs and helped improve the RPG significantly!
  • McCarthy - Reported an issue with negative encumbrance and helped test a lot of the alpha version
  • Niclas - Helped review the initial beta release and provided a tremendous amount of feedback and advice
  • Phillip - Provided a tremendous amount of feedback and advice throughout the Spring of 2020
  • Rosisha - Took great interest in the game throughout the Fall of 2020 and provide significant feedback
  • Xendarii - Thoroughly reviewed the game and provided great feedback and advice in Fall of 2019

Basic Fantasy RPG

While a significant portion of the Basic Fantasy RPG ruleset was leveraged to build and drive BrowserQuests,™ some quest content was also drawn from the Adventure Anthology One manual. Hence, the following authors deserve some acknowledgment for that content as well:

  • Chris Gonnerman (primary BFRPG author)
  • Dave Gerard ("A Matter of Justice")
  • Scott Murray ("Deathcrypt of Khaldun")
  • Russ Westbrook ("The Zombraire's Estate")

Beta Testers

The following individuals have graciously agreed to test future versions of the game as they are released and report back on any issues discovered. Hence, we are extremely grateful to the following heroes for their ongoing help and dedication to the platform:

Past Player Feedback


Dude, I cannot believe you created something like this. This makes the waits between IRL sessions so much less painful. I really appreciate this, truly.


This is my absolute favorite text-based rpg game! I was searching for so long to find a good text-based rpg browser game and I'm so happy I found this game! I can't wait to see all you have to offer and I hope only for your success.


I'm really enjoying your game, it has all the detail that I love. The music and story lines and pictures make it so immersive too. The best solo rpg text game I have tried so far and I love the hard work that has gone into this :)


I absolutely love this! I also love BasicFantasy... this is so old school and amazing. Great job and thank you for this fun product!!!


I just wanted to thank and congratulate you for developing such a great game. I'm waiting for the sixth module and all sequels of this story. I wish a very long life to this project!


You really have an amazing game here. I like the story and I like the game play. I can tell a lot of work was put into it. Thank you so much!


I loved this game. I love RPG'S! It's a lot of fun, and I looked a lot for games where I could get a lot of heroes to complete the story. It's so fun. I spent hours and hours playing.


Thank you! You should definitely keep making quests for this game!!


Thank you for making this. It is very well made and I hope you continue to update it.


That was a great game. Really really enjoyed it. I look forward to other campaigns.

"Survey Response"

The best part about this game is the story and characters, which I felt was very well developed and kept me playing for hours on end (even when I needed to do my college homework). I could play this for years.


Just wanted to thank you for developing a great game. I missed playing well-made old school fantasy single player text's like I'm a kid again back in the 80's on my old PC.


I had a lot of fun and truly enjoyed the game! I appreciate the help and all the work you put into it, and can't wait for the next chapter!


Thank you for making this, and thank you for being awesome!


I loved playing D&D as a kid but with my busy adult/parent life it's not practical for me to have a gaming group. Your single player browser app lets me relive some fun from my childhood at odd hours of the night!

Thanks so much for all the hard work you have put into this. I have been a dungeon master and I know it takes lots of time and effort to world build. I work in IT and I know how much people take it for granted so I really mean it when I say thanks.


I greatly enjoyed these modules. Please continue!


I really enjoyed the mini campaign. I truly felt the whole experience as if I were sitting at the table gaming. Please continue your efforts. I have already passed your site to a few friends to check it out.

"Immortal Rose"

I just completed the third episode and grand fun! Thank you for writing this!


I actually very much enjoyed your RPG (just finished all 3 chapters). Your combination of world building, social philosophy and old fashioned dungeon crawling content was very fun!


Just stumbled upon BrowserQuests over at Basic Fantasy. What a wonderful idea. I'm about to embark on my adventures and all going well would like to explore the Authors tools!


Anyway I very much like this game. Thank you for giving me that enjoyable hours of fun.


I really like what you’re doing. I hope you stick with it, and I’m definitely looking forward to the third instalment!


I have now completed the quest and I loved it. The drop downs were a factor but I actually got used to it in the end. That being said the main system worked really well and I really enjoyed the level of challenge. Please don't give up on it.