Third Level Spells In! (February 2022)

Third Level Spells In! (February 2022)

Partial screenshot from the BrowserQuests online role-playing game system

Both third level cleric and magic-user spells have been added to the BrowserQuests™ engine! For clerics, these spells focus on the curing (and causing) of ailments like blindness, curses, disease and moderate wounds, along with the ability to cast permanent light/darkness, protect from evil/good 10' radius and do things like locate specific items within an area or add additional damage to a hero's weapon in combat. For magic-users, a plethora of new spells are now available, from the offensive (fireball and lightning bolt) to the defensive (fly, haste/slow, protection from normal missiles) along with powerful spells like dispel magic, invisibility 10' radius and water breathing.

With the addition of these spells/effects, the BrowserQuests™ system can now support hero levels 1-6 (and clerics 1-7), which will be needed for the upcoming module #6 "Mark of the White Rose." However, all the new spells have scroll-based equivalents as well, meaning that players can now purchase scrolls such as Charm Undead, Cure Moderate Wounds, Fireball and Haste, and leverage those third level effects even before the next module's release.

Additionally, not only have a bunch of new magical items been released that utilize third level spell effects (such as potions of Charm Undead, Clairaudience and Speed, and Wands of Fireballs and Lightning Bolts), but every type of weapon, armor and shield in the game has been given associated +1 and +2 magical versions as well. Hence, not only are there regular warhammers in the game but there are now +1 and +2 warhammers to be found, purchased and sold as well.

Finally--as with all major updates to the BrowserQuests™ platform--several dozen general programming changes and improvements have been made, not only incorporating the new spells/effects but contributing to the overall complexity and enjoyment of the game. For example, heroes affected by level drain can now have ALL their lost experience restored, the game status indicators (time of year, time of day, temperature, weather, local light and game mode) have all been moved out of the MANAGE PARTY modal window and put back on the main screen (so they're easier to track), and every encounter within the story has been reviewed and, in cases where players were struggling sometimes, modified to make the encounter a little easier to resolve. So, a lot has changed to the platform these past few months!