Player Overview

The "GM" Says...

Image of the BrowserQuests virtual gamemaster (GM)"...a huge wooden cage hangs suspended from the ceiling in this smoky room. Three small halfling children can be seen huddled together inside of it--you've found the kidnapped kids! However, a handful of kobolds stand beneath them poking at them with various weapons and laughing while a larger creature--their presumed leader--is seated next to a cooking fire near the western wall..."

What do you do?

Harken back to the time of traditional table-top, pen and paper role-playing, where a central gamemaster (GM) describes the current encounter and awaits for YOU to decide how to react! Will your party meekly pay the ransom? Will you try to negotiate with the kobolds? Or will you attack with everything you've got and put the monsters down for good?

Welcome BrowserQuests™ Players!

Welcome to the Players component of the BrowserQuests™ system. This is where game players come to learn more about the game, play the game, interact with other players (via our dedicated Discord server) and learn about the people and resources behind the game.

Questions? Feel free to use our Contact Us form if you'd like more information!

What is BrowserQuests™?

The BrowserQuests™ role-playing game (RPG) system is a new, modern-take on classic, "old-school" role-playing where a central gamemaster ("GM") would interact with a handful of players and referee their experience, explaining what their characters see, allowing those players to respond to their environment, rolling various dice to partially-determine outcomes and generally controlling the flow and pace of the game.

Through the Internet, BrowserQuests™ is a daring attempt to capture that familiar GM/player experience, employing a virtual GM and allowing a single player to lead an adventuring party through an online campaign. If you're new to role-playing and all of this sounds like gibberish, don't worry--the game simply plays like you're having a conversation with a storyteller online and you can learn how to play as you go along.

What BrowserQuests™ is NOT

Over the past ten years, computer technology has allowed gaming companies to produce some amazing software, most of which is graphics-intensive, the game SHOWING the player what they see, almost to the point of immersing the player in a movie or similar virtual reality experience. BrowserQuests™ isn't anything like that, so if you're looking for state-of-the-art graphics, animation and virtual simulation, you may be underwhelmed. Rather, BrowserQuests™ is essentially a TEXT adventuring system, with WORDS replacing the fancy graphics most gamers typically expect today. That is by design; the intent behind BrowserQuests™ isn't to provide a virtual reality experience but rather to tell heroic and enjoyable STORIES, relying on imagination instead of eye candy.

Similarly, the BrowserQuests™ system is NOT a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). While the entire experience is delivered over the Internet--and the player's various interactions within the gaming world are all preserved (logging back into the game returns the player to the exact same state in which she last logged-off)--players do not interact with other players whatsoever. Rather, a single player commands an adventuring party (a collection of individual heroes) and interacts only with the virtual GM. Again, it's like having a conversation with another person online (such as an online chat), except that an entire game interface has been designed around that chat to help players better understand and manage their adventuring party and overall gaming experience.

Getting Started

To play, simply complete our brief registration form (which requires a valid email address). Click the return link you'll receive in your email to verify your registration--you'll return to this page where you can then play the game! Browsing our RPG ruleset will certainly provide context and insight, but all you really need is a little time and patience to learn the system.

Not a Gamer? Try Our Linear Novel Instead!

Not interested in role-playing but still want to experience the story? We have you covered! Browse our custom novel reader to experience the exact same story as the RPG but without the interactive gaming elements. The same literary prose, images, background music and browser-based narration are all available, simply presented in a more traditional, linear, episode-based format. No login or email address required!