Sixth Module Live! (May 2022)

Sixth Module Live! (May 2022)

Partial screenshot from the BrowserQuests online role-playing game system

The next module of the ongoing "Sorrow of Sisla" BrowserQuests™ campaign has arrived! Entitled "Mark of the White Rose," the module picks up just outside the capital city of Blu within the Cyan Desert and soon has the party looking for someone within the island nation of Ghenland, a place where men are strictly forbidden to visit on pain of death! For those who have already finished module #5 ("Lost Tears for Blu"), just log in--the game will automatically advance your party to the first encounter of module #6 so you can continue from there.

Once again, the new module adds several hours of playtime to the default campaign, introducing new characters, monsters, henchmen, locations, items and even a few surprises! Along with all the time and effort spent developing the module, a wide diversity of engine enhancements and improvements have also been made, including the addition of a vertical scrollbar to the prose window of the interface (so the prose itself always takes up the same amount of space on the screen regardless of how much text is displayed within it). This is especially important during combat when a lot of information sometimes needs to be displayed at one time.

Next up for BrowserQuests™ are some additional user design/interface (UI/UX) changes, followed by a slew of game engine updates and improvements (several dozen are already identified, such as fixes to level-draining, incorporation of combat morale, adjustments to the various buttons and dropdowns used to do things within the game, etc.). We're also going to take a look at introducing a new "story mode" into the game whereby players can automatically defeat any encountered beings and basically play through the story like an interactive novel. Once all that is done, we'll get to work on module #7 and release that later in the year.

As always, we thank our players for their continued support of BrowserQuests,™ their willingness to report bugs and other issues as they play and for their kind donations to the platform. We're also continuing to solicit marketers, advertisers and organizations looking to leverage our banner ad system to raise awareness of their own brands and generally support what we're doing (see our "Call for Marketers" page for all the details).