Donator Perks

Donator Perks!

A very special THANK YOU for all who have donated to the BrowserQuests™ platform!
We SO appreciate the kind gesture and support!

The BrowserQuests GameMaster smilingYou've played the game and made a donation. Now, take advantage of some new perks we're offering! Just contact the gamemaster and let him know if you're interested in any of the following opportunities below (as a way for us to say thanks for your gracious donation):

  • FREE WEALTH - For every $1 you've donated, receive 100 gold pieces into your party to spend however you wish
  • NEW ITEM - Let us know what item you'd like to acquire (equivalent to 100 gold per $1 donated)
  • NPC LIKENESS - Pick an NPC (other than a primary party hero) from the game, send us an image of yourself and we'll recreate the NPC's likeness on your behalf
  • UPCOMING NPC - Give us a name and likeness, and we'll design an upcoming NPC for the game in your honor
  • SOMETHING ELSE? - Within reason, we're open to anything else you may want in the game!

So, if you've made a donation to BrowserQuests™ and are interested in any of the perks listed above, just email the webmaster with your choice and we'll do our best to fulfill that choice as soon as we can!