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Fifth Module Live! (December 2021)

The next module of the ongoing "Sorrow of Sisla" BrowserQuests™ campaign has arrived, it's own "nightmare before Christmas"! Entitled "Lost Tears for Blu," the module begins with the adventuring party heading northeast out of Nace and into the Cyan Desert after investigating some reports of undead at a local bandit camp. For those who have already finished module #4 ("Dark Injustice"), just log in--the game will automatically advance the player's party to the first encounter of module #5.

Let There Be...Dark! (October 2021)

The look and feel of the entire BrowserQuests website has changed, going from a "light" (white background) theme to a "dark" (black background) theme. This was a massive change for the system, as it required virtually every element on every page to be reviewed, modified and updated in some way. We believe the new theme is MUCH more appropriate for a world-class online RPG and we hope our players, authors and site visitors will feel the same way!

Fourth Module Now Live (July 2021)

The next module of the ongoing "The Sorrow of Sisla" BrowserQuests™ campaign has arrived! Entitled "Dark Injustice," it picks-up immediately after the events of the third module "Visions of Apocalypse" where the adventuring party must visit the capital city of Nace and discover the strange things happening there. For those who have already finished module #3, just log in--the game will automatically advance the player's party to the first encounter of module #4.

New Narration Feature! (April 2021)

The GM now talks! Leveraging the built-in text-to-speech synthesis embedded in all modern browsers, the player interface now automatically narrates the GM's prose, providing an additional audio component to the overall gaming experience. This new functionality is enabled by default but a simple button (alongside the music button in the upper left corner of the presentation) can turn the narration off if desired as well. Note that the new feature works best in either Chrome or Edge on the desktop.

Third Module Now Live (March 2021)

Our first new campaign module in almost a year, we're very happy to announce that module #3 - "Visions of Apocalypse" - is now available for play! If you have played through "The Sorrow of Sisla" campaign's first two modules, there's nothing special you need to begin the third; just log in and the game should pick up right where module #2 left off.

Second Level Spells Done! (December 2020)

Over the past 6-7 weeks, we've spent most of our time developing second level cleric and magic-user spells, so that the game can support third, fourth and fifth level heroes (the first three campaign modules were written for first and second level heroes only). Not only are spells like Hold Person, Knock, Mirror Image and Spiritual Hammer now available within the BrowserQuests™ platform, but associated potions, scrolls, rings and wands have been developed and added to the RPG as well. Note that a few spells were somewhat changed to make them more appropriate to the BrowserQuests™ system (the first level cleric spell "Purify Food and Water" was changed to "Summon Food and Water" and the second level cleric spell "Silence 15' Radius" was changed to "Silence Spellcaster" for example). 

Post-Beta UI Updates (October 2020)

Since the release of our beta version in August, we've had about 100 new players try the game, several of whom were kind enough to provide feedback through our online questionnaire, Discord channel and even just direct email. Based on that feedback, we've revised the game's UI (user interface) in the hopes of providing an easier, more streamlined and entertaining experience!

Beta Edition Now LIVE! (August 2020)

Our initial BETA version of BrowserQuests™ is now LIVE and available at While the beta version looks almost identical to the current BrowserQuests™ website, it is in fact a completely separate instance and hence will require a new registration (so players will need to go through the registration process again). Note that sometime this fall we do plan to migrate the beta version over to the original domain, at which point all registrations with the original site will be lost.

Transitioning from Alpha to Beta (May 2020)

Firstly, a few new user design modifications have been implemented into the BrowserQuests™ platform. These updates include a new presentation for all party heroes (showcasing their graphic avatars better) and a more efficient menu option details selection process (if you click CAST SPELL for example, the game automatically selects the first available spellcaster, limiting the amount of clicking that needs to be done). A few other subtle changes have been incorporated into the player interface as well.