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BIG Improvements Made! (June 2022)

Since releasing module #6 in early May, a significant number of design, combat, mechanical and story-related improvements have been made, culminating in today's release of the game's updated user interface (primarily moving the commands into the center of the screen so that the game map can be displayed at all times). Because of the UI changes, be sure to press CTRL-F5 when you return to the game to ensure that everything resets correctly!

Post Alpha Improvements (September 2019)

After receiving a variety of comments and feedback regarding the alpha release of BrowserQuests back in June, one critical issue has been identified--the way commands are presented and utilized within the system must be improved! Indeed, the clunky and time-consuming way that the command system works seems to really compromise a positive player experience with the game and is therefore the very next mechanism to be addressed and improved.