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Fifth Module Live! (December 2021)

The next module of the ongoing "Sorrow of Sisla" BrowserQuests™ campaign has arrived, it's own nightmare before Christmas! Entitled "Lost Tears for Blu," the module focuses on the adventuring party heading northeast out of Nace and into the Cyan Desert after investigating some reports of marauding undead at a local bandit camp. For those who have already finished module #4 ("Dark Injustice"), just log in--the game will automatically advance the player's party to the first encounter of module #5.

Once again, the new module adds several hours of playtime to the default campaign, introducing new characters, monsters, locations, items and even a few new surprises (watch out for cursed items!). Along with all the time and effort spent developing the module, a wide diversity of engine enhancements and improvements have been made as well, including a new game mechanic by which some player options are now only provided under specific circumstances (such as whether the party is carrying enough of a particular item).

What's next for BrowserQuests™? First, a little marketing is in order--we're planning to produce some videos that not only introduce and explain the game to those new to it but record module "play-throughs" for those either needing a little help or merely interested in watching instead of playing. Next, we'll be implementing level three cleric and magic-user spells, as party heroes are now reaching level 5/6 and ready to start utilizing such spells. After that, we'll get to work implementing module #6, to be released sometime in the Spring of 2022!

As always, we thank all our players for their continued support of BrowserQuests!™ If you already market a product or service (or just want to generally support what we're doing), please consider becoming a sponsor of BrowserQuests™ Otherwise, consider making a small donation to help us not just run the game online but develop new content in the future. Thanks!