BrowserQuests™ Project Blog

Let There Be...Dark! (October 2021)

The look and feel of the entire BrowserQuests™ website has changed, going from a "light" (white background) theme to a "dark" (black background) theme. This was a massive change for the system, as it required virtually every element on every page to be reviewed, modified and updated in some way. We believe the new theme is MUCH more appropriate for a world-class online RPG and we hope our players, authors and site visitors will feel the same way!

Even more importantly, the entire player page (where the RPG itself is interacted with and played) has gone through a substantial redesign as well. Taking advantage of the new site design, the player page has been simplified, integrating the area map and encounter character image together, reducing the amount of prose displayed at any one time and increasing the size of the individual party hero panels. These new changes should increase the game pace a little and make the RPG more enjoyable to play.

Now that the game and overall site have been completely redesigned and the dark theme installed, development of module #5 ("Lost Tears for Blu") can resume (the module is about 75% written and should be completed shortly). Hence, module #5 should be released sometime in December, along with a variety of minor system updates and improvements.