BrowserQuests™ Project Blog

Fourth Module Now Live (July 2021)

The next module of the ongoing "The Sorrow of Sisla" BrowserQuests™ campaign has arrived! Entitled "Dark Injustice," it picks-up immediately after the events of the third module "Visions of Apocalypse" where the adventuring party must visit the capital city of Nace and discover the strange things happening there. For those who have already finished module #3, just log in--the game will automatically advance the player's party to the first encounter of module #4.

As with previous new content, module #4 adds several hours of playtime to the default campaign, introducing new characters, monsters, locations, items and even an entirely new humanoid species. Along with all the time and effort spent developing the module, a wide diversity of engine enhancements and improvements have been made as well, including a new game mechanic by which past player decisions can directly affect the storyline and future resolutions (so choose carefully!).

In addition to the new module, the BrowserQuests™ website has significantly enhanced its banner ad mechanisms, providing new page-based ads at the top of its many pages as well as modifying the smaller, more personal ads embedded within the player interface itself. Through these efforts, the platform can now begin to generate a small income, money to be used to support the game server and, eventually, generate even more new content. If you're a potential marketer, advertiser or just want to support the platform, please review our dedicated marketers page at

Finally, the lone developer of BrowserQuests™ (Scott Huelsman) was interviewed online back in May regarding the platform--the entire interview can be found at Learn the history of the game, how and why the RPG was designed and developed and what makes BrowserQuests™ unique on the Internet!