BrowserQuests™ Project Blog

Third Module Now Live (March 2021)

Our first new campaign module in almost a year, we're very happy to announce that module #3 - "Visions of Apocalypse" - is now available for play! If you have played through "The Sorrow of Sisla" campaign's first two modules, there's nothing special you need to begin the third; just log in and the game should pick up right where module #2 left off.

Module #3 adds several new hours of playtime to the ongoing BrowserQuests™ experience, continuing the original campaign and introducing all new characters, monsters, locations, items, etc. A tremendous amount of time, effort and imagination has gone into making the third module a reality, with so many modest improvements to the overall platform that the first two modules have been tweaked and improved to utilize all the goodness as well.

While there have been no "breaking" changes to the game (everything should still work regardless of a player's progress through the original campaign so far), there are a few enhancements to be mindful of. First, players must now select ammunition types when equipping their heroes in order to utilize ranged weapons. Second, the third module introduces monsters that can ONLY be damaged by magical weapons, so players will need to equip their heroes accordingly. Third, as clerics and magic-users gain new levels, players must not forget to assign new spells to them (via the MANAGE SPELLS button).

Finally, the banner ad mechanism displayed in the bottom center of each page has been enhanced to not only show an advertiser name and logo but a brief description as well. These ads are the only means for the BrowserQuests™ platform to support itself financially, and so players are encouraged to click on those ad links to learn more. Indeed, players who run their own RPG-oriented businesses or organizations are encouraged to consider buying their own ads for the platform as well--see our new Call for Marketers page for complete details!