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Second Level Spells Done! (December 2020)

Over the past 6-7 weeks, we've spent most of our time developing second level cleric and magic-user spells, so that the game can support third, fourth and fifth level heroes (the first three campaign modules were written for first and second level heroes only). Not only are spells like Hold Person, Knock, Mirror Image and Spiritual Hammer now available within the BrowserQuests™ platform, but associated potions, scrolls, rings and wands have been developed and added to the RPG as well. Note that a few spells were somewhat changed to make them more appropriate to the BrowserQuests™ system (the first level cleric spell "Purify Food and Water" was changed to "Summon Food and Water" and the second level cleric spell "Silence 15' Radius" was changed to "Silence Spellcaster" for example). 

Subsequently, the overall RPG engine has been significantly changed and improved to accommodate these second level spells and effects. For example, it's possible now to introduce additional spell-based combatants into an encounter, such as a spiritual hammer or phantasmal force (with the player able to select a different target for the effect each round). Some smaller but important UI/design changes were also implemented, such as adding a new "REVIEW AREA AGAIN" button so players can re-read the current encounter description. Hero status effects are also displayed now within each hero panel on the main screen (green if the effect is a positive one and pink if it's a negative one), while a separate panel immediately below the gamemaster prose has been added for secondary comments as well (such as letting the player know that a particular hero is dying from hunger or thirst). So, lots of platform updates and changes over the past two months!

Indeed, we've basically spent most of 2020 making a myriad number of changes to the system, so now it's time to return to the story! Accordingly, we plan to begin work on Module #4 "Racial Justice" and try to have that developed and ready for play sometime in March of 2021. In the meantime, please continue to play the game, report feedback and let us know what you think (the best comments of which we'll put on our new "Fan-based Help & Feedback" page that summarizes all the comments and advice we're receiving). Thanks for all the continued support everyone!


Now that all basic platform features and functionality are in place, the entire BrowserQuests™ system has been moved back to its "root" domain at, where it will remain indefinitely. However, the original beta version (still located at remains, to be used for testing purposes only. So, if you've bookmarked the original beta site, please update that bookmark to the new (final) domain!