BrowserQuests™ Project Blog

Post-Beta UI Updates (October 2020)

Since the release of our beta version in August, we've had about 100 new players try the game, several of whom were kind enough to provide feedback through our online questionnaire, Discord channel and even just direct email. Based on that feedback, we've revised the game's UI (user interface) in the hopes of providing an easier, more streamlined and entertaining experience!

To summarize, we've moved the various response buttons and dropdowns below the primary GM prose (so it's all presented in a single panel now), we've moved and reduced the size of the party roster, we've simplified the game map panel and we moved and reduced the size of the six environmental icons that once dominated the interface (moving those to the bottom of the panel containing the map). Again, our hope is to simplify the experience and make the game more fun and intuitive to play.

In addition to our UI changes recently, we've put some thought into the general direction of BrowserQuests™ and how we intend to further develop and improve the platform over time (see our new "Platform Status" page for all the details). We've also developed a new Facebook page dedicated to the game, so please "like" us and follow us there when you can. We've also had several potential authors contact us about developing their own quests, modules and even potential campaigns within the system. Finally, work has begun on the fourth module to the original "Sorrow of Sisla" campaign, something we're hoping to release in early 2021. Don't forget to subscribe to our ongoing newsletter to stay up to date on all that we're doing!