BrowserQuests™ Project Blog

Beta Edition Now LIVE! (August 2020)

Our initial BETA version of BrowserQuests™ is now LIVE and available at While the beta version looks almost identical to the current BrowserQuests™ website, it is in fact a completely separate instance and hence will require a new registration (so players will need to go through the registration process again). Note that sometime this fall we do plan to migrate the beta version over to the original domain, at which point all registrations with the original site will be lost.

A diversity of new features have been incorporated into the beta version of the site! First and foremost, it has been re-engineered to now allow vetted authors a chance to create their own quests, modules and even entire campaigns (see our initial Authors page for complete details) and we've added a new Fantasy World element to our ruleset regarding the world of Sisalus. The player experience has also been significantly upgraded, including the ability for players to create their own custom characters from scratch (versus merely choosing one of eight pre-developed heroes). Along with a general simplification of the game's user interface, dozens upon dozens of minor fixes have also been made to the underlying engine as well.

Both of the initial modules "Coming of Age" and "To Watch It All Burn" have been migrated to the beta version of the system, the first module itself partially rewritten so that new players begin at the Tabin Merchant to equip themselves (rather than at the Sislan Temple). Hence, if you've already played through both modules, the beginning of the beta version will feel different but the vast majority of both modules remains the same.

Enjoy the beta version and let us know what you think on our Discord Server!