BrowserQuests™ Project Blog

Second Module Now Live (April 2020)

As promised, the second BrowserQuests™ module "To Watch It All Burn" has been rebuilt from the game's original content (first provided back in late 2016) and is now available for play! 

With your new hero Arianna at your side, depart Tabin for the Pirapan capital city of Kathaleen four days away, discover why the undead are attacking the city and help put a stop to the vicious assaults! With over three times the content of the initial "Coming of Age" module, experience a bigger and bolder adventure written exclusively for the BrowserQuests™ text RPG engine!

For players who have yet to finish the first module ("Coming of Age") this second module will become available as soon as the first module is completed. For those who have already completed the first module (and are likely standing at the Tabin City Limits on the far eastern end of Tabin), a new exit has been provided so that play can continue to the second module.

The second module is a LONG one, roughly three times as involved as "Coming of Age" and so will take several hours to complete. It's also more complicated than the original module, so while it's been extensively play-tested, it's possible there are still a few edge-case bugs in the module. So, if something strange happens or the interface suddenly freezes-up, just refresh the page and the game should automatically start working again. 

Thanks to everyone who has tried BrowserQuests™ to date, and especially those who completed the first module and provided some well-appreciated feedback!