BrowserQuests™ Project Blog

New Module Ready/Game Reset (March 2020)

In development for over three months, a brand new origin-story module "Coming of Age" has been uploaded to the BrowserQuests™ server and is now ready for play! Because the story takes place BEFORE the original story developed back in 2016--and to integrate a wide variety of new updates and features into the game engine as well--the entire server has also been reset; previous players can still log in as before, but all past play is gone in favor of the new module and new experience.

The "Coming of Age" module introduces players to the Sisalus fantasy world and primary Mairigan continent where all game play takes place. After deciding on an initial player class, race and gender, players find themselves within the Village of Tabin Sislan Church, summoned there to accept a new quest and begin their career as an adventurer. The module is heavy on storytelling and light on combat, as it's intended to provide a general introduction to the overall BrowserQuests™ experience and how a text-based game can still be a lot of fun.

Again, the intent with the game is to provide the feel of a single player having a conversation with a separate gamemaster (GM). So, rather than build yet another graphics-based, action RPG (as there are already hundreds of them out there), a "conversational" RPG was developed instead, one that plays out like a standard tabletop, paper-and-pencil experience with a player interacting with a GM. Note that the BrowserQuests™ engine is completely web-based, meaning that future content--potentially developed by new authors wishing to take advantage of the system and develop their own modules and quests--can do so simply through their browser (more about the authoring capabilities of the system soon).

Next up will be the rebuilding of the original content (a total of four quests, to be repackaged as a single module entitled "To Watch It All Burn"). That work has already started and the goal will be to have it in place by the end of May. For now, create a new character, embark on some new quests, learn about the history and culture of Mairiga, and help your home village of Tabin in its time of need!