BrowserQuests™ Project Blog

New Quests Module Coming! (February 2020)

Over three months in development, a brand new "Coming of Age" BrowserQuests™ module is coming, scheduled for official release on March 15, 2020. The new module consists of two new quests--both of which take place within the player character's home village of Tabin--and is the first new collection of quests added to the BrowserQuests™ system in over three years.

The module begins with a simple tutorial (which can be skipped if desired), then introduces the player as a new adventurer within the village of Tabin, where the player hero accepts an initial quest to investigate why the recent shipments of a needed antidote have suddenly stopped arriving over the past few days. After some initial adventuring within Tabin, the player (along with a new hero companion) then set off for the caves just north of Tabin to determine what has happened--and reckon with a deadly surprise! Meant to introduce the fantasy world of Sisalus as well as the BrowserQuests™ system and how it's played, the pair of new quests should take about two hours to complete.

To develop the module, a wide variety of system-breaking updates and improvements had to be made. Therefore, the four original quests developed for the BrowserQuests™ system back in late 2016 will temporarily be taken down so that they can be updated and improved as well. Hence, once the new module is uploaded, existing players will no longer be able to continue with their current quests. Instead, they will need to reset the game (via the MANAGE PARTY command) to play through the new content. The original four quests will then be reworked and reactivated as soon as possible (hopefully by the end of April).