BrowserQuests™ Project Blog

Alpha Release Updates (August 2019)

While this incredibly ambitious project started back in 2014 and an initial collection of quests released in late 2016, the project was put on a hiatus for a few years for a variety of reasons personal to the author. The project was resuscitated in the spring of 2019, however (it's entire player UI significantly altered and improved) and in mid-June an announcement was made on the site announcing an alpha version re-release. A follow-up announcement was then made in early August letting potential users know that a new Survey Monkey questionnaire had been developed to help capture player feedback from the game as well.

Additional postings to resources such as the Facebook group Role-Playing Games was also done in early August, prompting several users to try the game. One user in particular had this to say about BrowserQuests:™

"Hey man, I just started and am only 10 mins into it.. Just wanna say I'm absolutely loving it. I've grown up with RPG games on consoles and PC, and it's my favorite genre - because of this, I've been wanting to get into tabletop/D&D type imagination games and this is a wonderful introduction to get me used to the elements. I've been looking for something exactly like this and am LOVING it. It's intuitive, the music and art is very nice, and I can see the scenes in my head. Can't wait to try more of it, great work. Please continue this project!!"

So, the slow but steady reaching-out to all potential BrowserQuests™ gamers begins! Return to our new blog often to follow our progress with the game and contact us if you have any questions, comments or advice for us!