Parties Administration

Parties are the small groups of heroes--managed by the game player--that engage in the many quests associated with a particular campaign within the Sisalus fantasy world. Also known as an "adventuring party," the player always acts as the leader of these groups and has total tactical command over his fellow heroes. Note that parties are not actually developed by a campaign author--the game platform itself uses the parties forms to simply track and manage appropriate party-level statistics (but provides a mechanism by which authors can not only review the current status of a particular party but, if necessary, change parameters as well).

Six general forms are used to manage parties within the BrowserQuests™ platform. Only those already assigned to the Authors role can see and interact with these forms.

Parties Form

The primary form for managing adventuring parties within the platform, it records the current location of the party (continent, country, location, area and encounter), documents the last area, encounter and resolution completed, records the current party status, which hero the player represents, a few combat-related details and the current time, temperature and weather. Quest/campaign authors can also check a box to indicate that the party is associated with current beta testing of their module, affording certain benefits as they playtest their creations online.

Party Areas Form

As the adventuring party moves from encounter area to encounter area, certain details of those areas are tracked and managed and made available via the Party Areas form. These details include which specific encounter the party is experiencing, whether the area is actually available to the party, whether it's been searched, whether an area's trap has been found and whether that trap has already been sprung.

Party Area Exits Form

Similarly, the BrowserQuests™ platform records the status of all area exits each party has encountered, including whether the area exit is blocked (but passable if the party can determine a way forward) or discovered (some areas are initially undiscovered and can't be reached until something else occurs, such as the finding of an associated secret door).

Party Area Objects Form

Every object within an area (those things that CAN'T be taken within an area, such as a table, pillar or chest) is specifically tracked when a party enters a new area via a small collection of checkboxes indicating associated status of the area object. Such status checkboxes include destroyed (has the area object been destroyed), hidden (is the area object hidden and thus unavailable to the party), manipulated (has the area object been interacted with in some way), searched and unlocked.

Party Area Possessions Form

In addition to tracking every object within an area when the party first enters that area, all associated possessions within that area are tracked as well, so the platform can potentially provide those possessions to the player and his party at an appropriate time.

Party Quests Form

This simple form associates adventuring parties with their current quests, recording the status of each quest (current, completed or other), the order of the quest and whether it's currently active (otherwise, it's unavailable to the party).