Campaigns Administration

Within the BrowserQuests™ platform, campaigns are collections of individual quests that are (more or less) presented in order to tell a grander, overarching story. Hence, an author will want to create an initial set of first-level quests for players to get started with, then introduce additional quests that become progressively more challenging as the player's party becomes stronger (and the overall storyline matures). Note that campaigns cannot be created by authors on their own--they must first be reviewed and then created by a full system administrator of BrowserQuests.™

Three general forms are used to manage campaigns within the BrowserQuests™ platform, typically used in the following order. Only those already assigned to the Authors role can see and interact with these forms.

Locations Form

Locations are general places within the world of Sisalus such as a smaller town (or section of a larger city), an overland ruins or an underground dungeon. Once a location is entered into the system, encounter areas (and their specific encounter details, monsters and resolutions) can be entered into the platform as well. Locations also drive the BrowserQuests™ mapping system, which utilize grids of 10 x 10 units to display where individual encounter areas are located on a map. Typically, a smaller quest will utilize just one location, while a larger quest will likely involved multiple locations.

Quests Form

Quests are the individual stories themselves that comprise an overarching campaign. Smaller quests will normally take the player 15-30 minutes to complete, while larger quests should take the player several to many hours to complete. Quests have a definitive beginning and end, and all major events associated with the quest are automatically added to a player's quest log (via the Encounter Resolution Form). Keep in mind that players should be rewarded for completing individual quests, which will help them maintain interest in your campaign and keep returning to it!

Lore Form

Information about a particular country, quest or even the entire Sisalus world can be entered and maintained via the Lore Form. Typically, such lore is added as information about a specific country or quest and made available to the player in a variety of ways (visiting a city tavern and listening for rumors, enjoying a play at a local city theater, conducting appropriate research at a city library, etc.). Lore can even be found by simply asking a player hero about a particular subject (so long as the lore element is not country-specific). Note that lore elements require a certain intelligence to learn or know, and that not all lore is factual (some lore elements are merely rumors intended to confuse or sidetrack the player).