BrowserQuests™ Project Blog

Transitioning from Alpha to Beta (May 2020)

Firstly, a few new user design modifications have been implemented into the BrowserQuests™ platform. These updates include a new presentation for all party heroes (showcasing their graphic avatars better) and a more efficient menu option details selection process (if you click CAST SPELL for example, the game automatically selects the first available spellcaster, limiting the amount of clicking that needs to be done). A few other subtle changes have been incorporated into the player interface as well.

The big news, however, is that after nearly four years of initial development, playtesting, feedback and iterative updates, the BrowserQuests™ platform is gearing-up to finally transition from its original alpha status to a full-beta status! This means new functionality for the platform and new opportunities for all who wish to become involved.

To summarize the transition, the following goals have been set for the beta release of BrowserQuests:™

  • Opening of the authoring component of the platform (so approved authors can create their own quests)
  • Introduction of "campaigns" to the platform (allowing alternative storylines for author-based quests)
  • Ability for new players to create a custom character from scratch (and select an available campaign)
  • Addition of more races and classes (including all spells and effects through third level)
  • Integration of random encounters
  • Diversity of smaller additions/updates that were never implemented within the alpha version

Getting started on the authoring component, an introductory "Authors Overview" page has been added to the website that provides more information about how to become a BrowserQuests™ author and what it will take to start building quests and entire campaigns. Naturally, reach out to us if you're interested in becoming an author!

Finally, to support this alpha to beta transition and help ensure that the lines of communication stay open, a new BrowserQuests™ Discord Server has been set up and is now available to anyone who wishes to use it. Use the server to say hello, indicate your interests, report any bugs or make suggestions on how to improve the platform. Everyone is welcome--just be polite, respectful and have fun with the new server!