Project Scope

Project Scope

Project BrowserQuests™ is a unique, browser-based game with a mix of "old school" RPG mechanics and modern web design (so it can be played across all devices connected to the Internet).

The BrowserQuests™ RPG engine focuses on the following four key features:

  • Single player, persistent world, browser-based environment
  • Use of a simulated “Game Master” (GM) to referee the game
  • An infinite capacity for players to adventure (within a single author-driven shared fantasy world)
  • Fantasy game engine based on the Basic Fantasy RPG open source rule set/framework

Single Player, Persistent World, Browser-based Environment

The BQ™ RPG is single-player in scope; the system is NOT a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is common on the Internet today. Instead, players develop and lead a fictional adventuring party consisting of recruited characters (the first initially assigned to the player at the beginning of the game). This “old school” experience is similar to computer RPGs of the 1980s and 1990s where a single player had complete control within the game but did not interact with other players.

Actions that the player takes within his own game instance are preserved over time, so the player can log out, log back in at a later time and resume the game where he last left off (even if in the middle of combat). The overall experience is provided via a modern (HTML 5) browser, utilizing a responsive design so that players can enjoy the game on both mobile devices as well as desktops and tablets.

Simulated Game Master

Unlike most other computer RPGs, a simulated (programmed) “Game Master” (GM) acts as an interface between the player and the BQ™ system, providing encounter details, describing events and helping the game “feel” more like a traditional paper-and-dice RPG. Hence, the game is designed to easily facilitate communication between the simulated GM and the player and provide the feel of a table-top conversation. Again, other players are not involved; the overall experience is between one player and the GM.

Basic Fantasy RPG Rule Set/Framework

Rather than design and develop an entire RPG rule set/framework from scratch, the open source Basic Fantasy RPG system has been leveraged. This system has already met with substantial success in the RPG gaming community and is constantly being improved and managed via the open source process, and so the various rules, structures and content within the framework are being as faithfully implemented into the BQ™ engine as possible.