Jewelry Types

Treasures that consist of mixed gems, precious metals and other ornamentation:

Possession Weight Worth Brief Description
Anklet 0.1 lbs 10 gp An ornamental circlet--typically made of gold or silver--worn around the ankle.
Belt 0.2 lbs 2 gp A band of flexible material (such as leather, cloth or even rope) used to hold up one's pants or other garments.
Bowl 0.5 lbs 5 gp Ceremonial bowl not used for food but typically for ceremonial or religious purposes.
Bracelet 0.1 lbs 20 gp An ornamental band or circlet--usually made of gold, silver or another precious metal--worn around the wrist or arm.
Brooch 0.1 lbs 25 gp Typically a small but fancy ornamental device that attaches to clothing.
Buckle 0.1 lbs 50 cp Normally attached to a belt or strap and used to fasten and secure the belt or strap to clothing underneath.
Chain 0.1 lbs 20 gp A series of tiny metal rings (gold, silver or another precious metal) that are interconnected with one another and usually worn around the neck.
Choker 0.1 lbs 5 gp A smaller band of precious metal that fits snugly around the neck.
Circlet 0.1 lbs 5 gp A ring-shaped ornament--usually of gold--worn around the forehead.
Clasp 0.05 lbs 25 cp A small metallic device used for fastening two or more things together.
Comb 0.1 lbs 3 gp A toothed strip of wood, bone or precious metal used to style hair (but also used as a ceremonial piece).
Crown 3 lbs 10000 gp Regal headgear worn by the rich and powerful to symbolize their wealth and typically decorated with a variety of precious metals and gemstones.
Cup 0.2 lbs 2 gp A small, open container made of china, glass, metal and even wood. Such cups are ceremonial in nature and worth a few gold pieces.
Earring 0.01 lbs 50 gp A small but valuable ornament worn on or hanging from the lobe of the ear.
Flagon 0.5 lbs 80 cp A large bottle typically used to contain an alcoholic beverage.
Goblet 0.5 lbs 5 gp A tall drinking glass with a foot and stem, goblets are typically plated in a precious metal and worth a few gold coins.
Knife 0.25 lbs 1 gp A small dagger or blade typically used in some sort of religious ceremony.
Letter Opener 0.1 lbs 75 cp A small dagger used to open letters and other sealed documents.
Locket 0.05 lbs 10 gp A small, dainty necklace that typically contains a tiny drawing or other personal memento.
Medal 0.1 lbs 5 gp A flat piece of precious metal that is attached to clothing and used to commemorate some sort of past action or event.
Necklace 0.5 lbs 50 gp A string of gemstones, beads or other ornaments attached to a flexible wire of precious metal and worn around the neck.
Pin 0.01 lbs 1 gp A small, slender, pointed piece of wood, bone or metal used to fasten things together.
Plate 0.25 lbs 2 gp A shallow, circular dish made of china, porcelain, clay or wood typically used in ceremonies or religious events.
Sceptre 2 lbs 1000 gp A rod of wood, bone or precious metal typically embedded with precious jewels and used as an emblem of power or might.
Statuette 1 lbs 10 gp A small statue depicting a famous person, creature or even god.
Tiara 0.5 lbs 250 gp A jeweled coronet typically worn on the heads of women.