Encounter Commands

Encounter (Party-Specific) Commands

Game commands available to the overall party when first entering a new encounter area (and potential combatants are nearby):

Command Brief Description
Ask GM for Hint Allows the virtual GM to review the current encounter area resolution type and provide an associated hint of what to do next to the player.
Attack Instructs the party to attack all characters and monsters within the area (activating fighting mode).
Check for Illusions Allows the party to check for any illusions within the encounter area.
Converse Attempts to initiates a conversation with encountered creatures within the area.
Intimidate Attempts to drive away encountered creatures through bullying and force of will.
Pick Response Allows the player to pick up to three specific responses programmed exclusively for the current encounter.
Retreat Orders the entire party to flee the current encounter and retreat back to the last area visited.
Travel to New Area Allows the party to travel to a connected area from the current area within the location.

Encounter (Hero-Specific) Commands

Game commands available to individual heroes within an adventuring party when entering a new encounter area:

Command Brief Description
Cast Spell Instructs a hero to cast a particular spell.
Pay Fee/Bribe Attempts to resolve an encounter by offering a bribe or otherwise paying for a service.
Use Ability Instructs a hero to use a particular special ability within the encounter area.
Use Item Requests that a particular hero use a specified possession.