Heroes Administration

Heroes are the individual adventurers who have joined the player to form an adventuring party. While the player herself is a hero and the defacto leader of the party, all other heroes were originally characters that the player has met and since joined the party to become NPCs (non-player characters), either on a temporary basis (such as a hired henchman) or on a permanent basis (according to the design plans of the quest/campaign author). Hence, heroes are effectively clones of characters, but their statistics change over time as the party works its way through the many quests of a particular campaign.

Seven general forms are used to manage heroes within the BrowserQuests™ platform. Only those already assigned to the Authors role can see and interact with these forms.

Heroes Form

The primary form for managing adventuring party heroes within the platform, it records basic hero information such as name, base character (which character is the hero cloned from), class, race, level, experience points, hit points, graphic depiction, etc. The form also tracks and manages whether the hero represents the player within the party, whether the hero has been suspended (no longer a member of the party) and whether the hero has been slain (although permanent heroes CAN'T be killed within the platform).

Hero Abilities Form

Like the Character Abilities form, this one tracks the six common RPG abilities assigned to a hero: Charisma, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength and Wisdom.

Hero Behaviors Form

Similar to the Character Behaviors form, this one tracks the current values of the nine hero behaviors: Altruism, Curiosity, Diplomacy, Empathy, Honor, Optimism, Reason, Spirit and Tolerance.

Hero Effects Form

A wide diversity of "effects" can occur to a hero, typically afflictions (such as poison or paralysis) but also benefits (such as regeneration when hit points are returned very quickly over a short amount of time). These effects are temporary in nature, typically lasting a few minutes or a few hours at a time. Hence, the form provides an author with all the effects that a particular hero may be experiencing, and also allows the author to add, edit and delete such effects as well.

Hero Possessions Form

Tracks and manages all the various items that a particular hero can possess, such as weapons, armor, potions, etc. This form lists all items possessed by a particular hero and allows an author to add, edit and delete possessions as well.

Hero Spells Form

Similarly, this simple form tracks and manages all spells associated with a given hero (and whether a particular spell is currently available to the hero or not).

Hero Statuses Form

A wide diversity of hero statistics (abilities like strength and wisdom, level, experience points, etc.) are constantly in flux and therefore must be tracked separately. For example, a hero's hit points may be 10, but often those hit points will be reduced, their transitory value recorded and managed via the Hero Statuses form. In addition to core RPG attributes, the form also tracks elements such as armor class, platinum saved in a local bank, total weight carried, current hero morale, the hero's initiative in battle, her movement rate, the last command executed and whether the hero is a henchman or not.