Combatants Administration

Combatants are the party heroes, encountered characters and/or monsters involved within an ongoing battle. When enemies are encountered (typically monsters but, occasionally, antagonistic characters as well), the BrowserQuests™ platform tracks and manages the status of ALL involved combatants so that if the player decides to log off during combat, the battle will pick right up again when the player logs back in. Like the Parties and Heroes forms, the Combatants forms aren't configured directly by a particular campaign author, but authors are allowed to review and even modify associated combatant records during combat.

Three general forms are used to manage combatants within the BrowserQuests™ platform. Only those already assigned to the Authors role can see and interact with these forms.

Combatants Form

The primary form for managing combatants within the platform, it records basic information about each combatant (hero, character and monster alike), documenting such details as name, character, monster and hero references, both maximum as well as current hit points, current round-based initiative (a number from 1-10 that decides who attacks first within the round, with higher numbers going first), morale and the last command executed by the combatant. Combatants are also set to either be located at a distance (in which they can deploy missile weapons) or engaged in hand-to-hand combat.

Combatant Effects Form

Similar to the Hero Effects form, this form tracks any specific effects that may be affecting a particular combatant, such as poison, paralysis, sleep, etc. Each round, the duration of the effect is reduced by one, and when that parameter reaches zero, the effect expires and is removed. Note that if the effect doubles as an affliction or spell, such references are tracked as well.

Combatant Spells Form

Tracks and manages any spells available to the combatant during the battle.